Trial was founded in 1984, since then it has become a leader in projecting and production of: sport equipments; didactic equipments; auxiliary tools for rehabilitation; physical and sport activities for 3rd aged people.

Tested and approved by leading international sports federations, the Trial products combine the use of quality materials with special design for safety, chemistry and physics.

Trial tools are completely latex free and free about toxic substances such as phthalates and are designed to protect the end final user, in line with the main international standards on safety.

Trial is proud to have been selected by the European Handball Federation for the quality of its tools and handball balls line, the perfect mix of security, technical composition and design.

Approved by the EHF, the Trial products are completely non-toxic and guaranteed in terms of security and functionality. Resistant, strong, resilient and durable, they are an integral part of the teaching and practice of handball already in preschool, from individual home training to competitive sport.

certificated product

The principles were adopted by the European Commision on the basis of Legislative Decree n.154 of April 11th 2011 related with “Implemention of Directive 2009/48/CE on toy safety”. This decree according to regualtion (CE) n.1907/2006, of December 18th 2006, establishes the provisions about substances and compounds dangerous for human health and environment; the criteria for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemical substances” (REACH), establishing an “European CHemicals Agency” (ECHA) for control of hazardous substances.

Approvati European
Handball Federation